Grazing and Recordkeeping for Beginning Producers

Free online courses that lead students through understanding and thinking about grazing for their farm or ranch. These courses are designed to speak to you regardless of where you live or what animals you graze. They are divided up into short units. Don’t worry; there isn’t much “homework.” All assignments are completed within your grazing and land context so you can directly apply what you learn and do in the course. By the end of the courses, you should be well on your way to having a grazing management plan and/or a record-keeping plan mapped out.
You may choose to take Grazing 101 and/or Record-Keeping as separate courses OR a 30-Day Integrated Grazing & Record-Keeping Course. Before you select a course and begin, please complete this very short survey to help us better understand who is engaging in these courses and how we can best support your knowledge building.

NOT for NRCS Employees

If you are an NRCS employee looking for Grazing 101 or Record-Keeping, please go to this link: If you do not have login credentials please contact Chris Gilliland at [email protected].